imageI am a part-time long arm machine quilter. I offer  machine quilting on a Nolting Pro 24 .  Please see my my facebook page for some pictures

About Us

Remember “Home Economics” classes from high school. That is where this all began many years ago. I love to sew. My passion back then was fueled by necessity, as I wanted a fashionable wardrobe at an economical price. Those Home Ec classes helped me clothe my sons, and eventually developed into a passion of working with fabric, color and design. Quilting was a natural transition from making clothes. The beautiful cottons that behaved so well, the intricate patterns, the challenge all called to me. It was a family affair as my sister suffered from the Quilt Pox also.

Because I enjoyed the process so much, I eventually found I had pieced more tops than I could get quilted. That prompted the purchase of my long arm. It just barely fit into our spare (guest) bedroom. In 2008 we moved to a larger home and now there is plenty of room to work with my machine. The environment is comfortable and conducive to creativity. I should mention that our home is tobacco and pet free.

Machine Quilters Expo is an annual quilting event in NH and I have had the opportunity to take dozens of classes over the last 10 years. I’ve learned from some awesome teachers and artists that have taught nation wide. Having learned from some of the best, it is my intent to share my skills with you on your quilt. Allow me to take your quilt top and make it shine. Let me share my knowledge with you about quality threads and batting and design.

My specialty is custom quilting. I feel that treating the blocks separate from the sashing and borders will define and bring into focus the intricate piecing you have done. If that isn’t the desired effect you are looking for, I can also do other less intensive all over designs to finish your quilted gifts or tops.




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